christmas is coming

we’re beginning to get into the spirit of the season here at appelsbosch. the academy finished off their semester by putting on a christmas play. every child in the school took part in telling the story of jesus’ birth from the view of the angels.
there was singing and dancing and general merriment. plus, it’s really fun when you know every child in the production and can see their personalities come through. the last number was done with a black light and was so cool that we made them do it twice.

yesterday i was drafted to go get christmas trees. somebody had a connection to one of the forestry businesses around here and arranged for us to get about 10 trees for free. it ended up being farther away than we thought and was quite an adventure involving hours of christmas music, hot chocolate, and a local culinary delight called “bunny chow.” but we finally found the place, got the trees, and made it back.
as you may be able to tell from this picture, they weren’t the biggest trees ever. but we figured out that if you put several of them in the same bucket, they looked pretty good. then we had a big ornament making and decorating party.
i think the kids ate more popcorn than made it onto the strings.

and then we got everything onto the trees.
i think they turned out pretty nice. and it’s been cold and wet here for the past couple of days and so it’s really felt pretty christmas-y. now if only i could get a peppermint hot chocolate, everything would be great!


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